SUNI:: Web and Graphic Design for Small Businesses and Startups

Calling all Companies!

  • Wouldn't it be nice to treat your customers to a lovely new website?
  • We can help in designing a site to deal with your marketplace.
  • We take the headache away from you while you run your business.
  • No two businesses are the same, and we care about that.

Welcome to a friendly and transparent company. We do the hard work online so you don't have to. Click the button and say, "Hi!"

Prices starting from £150
imageWe offer a professional, cooperative, and flexible model based in Salford, focusing on small businesses and startups. We have a good design sense covering UI and modern design.

If we ever stray from being proficient, we can have a case of, --Because you can do, does not mean you should do.

Being overly complicated will do more harm than good. We can create something personal yet professional , not justanother cloned mobile website. We have a profile page and an FAQ Page with lots of info for you.

What happens after completion?

You can completely take over and edit as you please—including the cost of transitioning the site to your domain. Alternatively, you might receive support and regular updates charged at £20 per hour. A lot depends on your circumstances, as every business is different.

An example of monthly hourly charges can be as follows:

Monthly Website:

  • 1 Update website software and plugins, including backups.
  • 1 Check for any broken links, 404 errors.
  • 2 Examine website statistics, security, and speed, as well as SEO optimization.

Quarterly Website: Apr/Jul/Oct/Jan

  • 1 Check for inconsistencies in website content across multiple devices.
  • 1 Examine the contents for improvements or replacements.
  • 1 Verify the state and usability of random backups.

Yearly Website: Jan

  • 2 Carefully review web content, including dates and changeable values.
  • 1 Renew your website domain name(s).
image If you like what you see, send a message. We would love to hear from you and your plans. We are always willing to talk!
image We offer a professional, cooperative and flexible model. In addition, we have a good design sense covering useful UI and modern design.

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