imageHere you can find a few notes on what has happened over the years, covering how some projects came to be.


Who Are We, and What Have We Been Up To?

Enthusiastic about web design and graphics, passion for teaching, and writing with a touch of photography.
A software geek who loves caring for the environment. Also, an advocate for mindfulness and well-being with good time management.

SUNI:: Web and Graphic Design for Small Businesses and Startups is a family company. So much so that SUNI is, in fact, SU Yeon (my Korean wife) and NIgel (me), which brings SU+NI together. It was supposed to be pronounced "sunny" but gets lost in translation.

Way Back When...

Nigel has been a developer since 1999. And with his small team of testers, he looks after customers' needs on a personal and friendly basis.

imageI started coding in HTML 25 years ago. My first professional build was back in 2002 in Perth, Australia, for a Hostel. Coding has always been around as it is such a fun and creative hobby.
Our Others skills

We have a history of Android web app development, VB6 Development, front-end development in HTML5, CSS3, JS vanilla, graphics editing, photo editing, and writing publications.

imageI have a passion for UI and how people interact with devices. It has driven me to create some inspiring projects and ideas.
Why Web Design?

We have a passion for UI and modern design. The design is all well and good, looking pretty, but it needs to be functional. We also believe in minimalism as we can have too much of a good thing.
And so, small businesses need help. Being the startup guy wearing many hats is not fun. Small businesses need help. Being the startup guy wearing many hats is not fun.

However, we understand that an Internet presence is not a massive requirement for every company. Therefore, we can step in to take the headache away and do the work ourselves.

Thank you for taking the time to listen, Nigel::Suni Web Designs

Get in Touch

We would love to hear about your story. If we can help in any way, then that has to be good.

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